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Huge thanks to over 300 people who backed the Rex Factor - The Animated Show Kickstarter campaign. We now have  the funds to produce the pilot episode on King Richard III.

It's been a phenomenally exciting ​and overwhelming journey that seen us gain pledges and support from all over the world and from a few famous faces including historian Suzannah Lipscomb. We hope you've all enjoyed the ride as well and we couldn't be more pleased to be bringing you the pilot episode of Rex Factor The Animated Show next year.

In the meantime make sure you sign up above to get an exclusive behind the scenes pass as we now start the final leg of the journey and animate the episode!


battle of bosworth - rex factor - the animated show


Rex Factor - The Animated Show brings to life the internationally successful Rex Factor podcast!

We at Tinmouse Animation Studio are working hard on the pilot episode that delves into the life of the notorious King Richard III... but is it time to rethink the legend?

Was he "the dreadful minister of hell" or a lovely man wronged by history?

We're passionate about history and want to bring it into the 21st century, most importantly making it accessible to all. It's something the Rex Factor podcast has been doing for over 7 years with their reviewing of all the Kings and Queens of England. Rating them on a series of factors; Battleyness, Scandal, Subjectivity, Dynasty and Longevity before finding out if they've got what it takes to be crowned with the Rex Factor. 


We've teamed up with the guys to produce an animated show of one of their most popular podcasts, Richard III...

...but will he come out on top?

Click the arrow to watch an exclusive preview


Click play to see an exclusive preview of Rex Factor - The Animated Show... the Rex Factor teaser podcast from Podbean

William Shakespeare- Rex Factor - The Animated Show
King Richard III - Rex Factor - The Animated Show
plantagenet coat of arms - rex factor - the animated show

Hi I'm Tom Sanders, the founder of Tinmouse Animation Studio, where we pride ourselves on telling great character led narratives. We're always looking for exciting new challenges and in late 2015 we were on the hunt for the very same. After working on some educational films for TED, we were primed to educate ourselves, leading us to Rex Factor. They were reviewing all the Kings and Queens of England and Scotland in a Top Trumps style and needless to say we were hooked! The Rex Factor podcast paralleled everything we strove for; great narrative, humour and un-adulterated edu-tainment.


As 2015 came to an end we approached Rex Factor founders Graham Duke and Ali Hood with the idea to animate their audibly entertaining podcasts. By absolute coincidence we were based in the same city, Chelmsford, UK. It didn't take long to arrange a pub meet up and after a few swift halves and some mutual back-slapping they said yes, and our paths aligned.


For the past year we've been hard at work coming up with a concept, deciding on a monarch, honing a script and producing some Rex-y visuals. The script is now recorded, we've sent out the #projectzeus teaser campaign and now finally we can share with you all our creative endeavours.


And our future ones too...


Based in Chelmsford, UK, we are both driven by compelling narrative, historic revelry and the odd cup of tea.

Read more about us both below...

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Purveyors of fine 2D animation. From explainers to short films, social media to GIFs. Tinmouse has a passion for animation that goes beyond the 9 to 5.


With films being showcased all over the world they are the go to guys for all your animated needs.


Head over to the website and delve into the archive to share in the animated love.

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rex factor podcast - rex factor - the animated show

The internationally successful podcast reviewing all the Kings and Queens of England and Scotland.

The podcasts are well researched but also light-hearted and unscripted, providing a more accessible approach to history.


Head over to the website to download the back catalogue of over 100 episodes!

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